Spawn In The Demon's Hand

Sega NAOMI Cart. published 19 years ago by Capcom

Spawn In The Demon

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Spawn In The Demon's Hand © 1999 Capcom.

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Runs on the Sega "NAOMI" Hardware.


Spawn In The Demon's Hand was released in January 2000 (even if the titlescreen shows 1999).

Spawn is a popular comic published in 120 countries all over the world with a standing of more than 125,000,000 copies sold. It's first publication broke the record of American Comic sales and is still going strong. Spawn's popularity spread through various media like action figures, animation, movies, etc...
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* Hidden Characters : Depending on how many times the game was beaten, you might have noticed a screen that says that you can go through the extended storyline with multiple players. If that happens, when next time you play, hold down ALL of the buttons, including the START button. Insert the coins, and press START while holding the rest of the buttons down. If done correctly, the screen should turn blue and an expanded character ring will appear with the following new additions.
1) Spawn I
2) Spawn IV
3) DA 'Dark Ages' Spawn
4) Admonisher


Sega Dreamcast [JP] (aug.10, 2000 [Model T-1216M]
[US] Sega Dreamcast (oct.1, 2000 [Model T-1216N]
Sega Dreamcast [EU] (jan.19, 2001 [Model T-36816D-05]

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