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MAME's History.xml

History XML ver.2.64
(Mar. 26, 2024)

The MAME History.xml is a file that gives you access to all trivia, facts, tips and other information for your favorite games and machines in your favorite gui/frontend. It serves information for MAME games, machines and software lists in the Info tab.

MAME's History.xml: How to use it ?

MAME users: put the file "History.xml" in the folder called "history".
Please delete the History.db when updating the History.xml.

MAMEUI users: put the file "History.xml" in the folder called "dats".

UI/Frontend developers ?

Structure of the new History.xml, how it should be read:

Information for the mainlist entries: <entry> <systems> <system name="rom_name"> <system name="rom_name2"> <system name="rom_name3"> </systems> <text>information to show</text> </entry> Information for the softlist entries: <entry> <software> <item list="softlist_name" name="rom_name"> <item list="softlist_name" name="rom_name2"> <item list="softlist_name2" name="rom_name"> </software> <text>information to show</text> </entry> Special case (when an entry appears in both softlist & mainlist): <entry> <systems> <system name="rom_name"> </systems> <software> <item list="softlist_name" name="rom_name"> </software> <text>information to show</text> </entry>

MAME's Folder ini files

Machine Type.ini ver. 0.263 (based on our History.xml information)

MAME's Folder ini: How to use it ?

Folder ini files should be extracted to a "folders" folder in your MAME folder.

To use a folder ini file in MAME, you to need to select and click the Category option in the filter panel on the MAME user interface.

A new menu appears where you can select the ini file and the filter (called group) you want.