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Yume Koujou - Doki Doki Panic [Model FCG-DRM]

Nintendo Famicom disk. published 33 years ago by Nintendo

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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夢工場 ドキドキパニック © 1987 Nintendo Company, Limited.

(Yume Koujou - Doki Doki Panic)

Doki Doki Panic is a cute platform game by Nintendo. The story starts with two chidren, the young twins Piki and Poki, peacefully reading a story book. However, they accidentally tear off the last page of the book - little did they know that the book is actually magic! The evil Mam? suddenly appears, and his huge three-fingered hand pulls them into a quirky dream world. The goal of Doki Doki Panic is to help the whole family (namely Imajin, Lina and their parents Mama and Papa) rescue their poor children kidnaped by the evil king lizard. Each member has its own strengths and weaknesses - Imaji is a balanced character whereas Lina is fairly light weight and can effortlessly hover and fly over short distances, but she is really slow at picking up items. Papa is the strongest of the group and can throw enemies and items really far, whereas Mama can jump higher than anyone. As aforementioned, each character can carry enemies, items, and especially radishes and other vegetables that can be pulled out of the ground and used as lethal weapons. The game features a myriad of other items, such as bombs (self explanatory), Power blocks (similar to Mario Bros's POW blocks that kill all enemies on screen), Stars (temporary invincibility), keys (to unlock doors), Hearts (extra health) or the mysterious magic lamps that open doors to the Dark World - mirror areas where our heroes can find special items or heart containers. Doki Doki Panic follows a story book structure, and is made out of seven chapters (areas) and twenty pages (levels). Interestingly, although the player can play the Doki Doki Panic with any character, it has to eventually defeat the evil Mam? with all four to finally beat the game (the player can separately save each character's progress).
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Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic was released on July 10, 1987 in Japan for 2980 Yen.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as "Dream Factory - heart pounding panic".
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Executive Producer: H. Yamauchi
Producer: Miyahon
Director: Chappy
Assistant Director: Hide Q
Character Design: Sugiyan, Fuji TV
Title Design: Isshin
Course Design: Tanabe, Yamahem, Konno
Sound Composer: Konchan
Programmer: Nakazou, Tahyan, Iwachan, Mrikazu, Tomichan, Shigechan, N. Akiira, Marumaru, Meddler, Ten Ten, Otabe, Mako, Benkei

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com