Yoshi Story [Model NUS-NYSJ-JPN]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 27 years ago by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Yoshi Story [Model NUS-NYSJ-JPN] screenshot

Yoshi Story © 1997 Nintendo.

From the brilliant mind of Super Mario 64 creator Shigeru Miyamoto comes a gorgeous game with a guaranteed storybook ending. Follow the adventures of six Yoshis as they search through sunny woods, dark caves, soaring mountains, steaming jungles, vast oceans and gloomy castles for the Super Happy Tree, which has been stolen by the dreaded Baby Bowser.

Loosely based on the Super NES classic Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Story fully exploits the strengths of the world's most powerful game system. Yoshi can walk, run, swim, leap, flutter and fire his payload of eggs with unerring precision. The action takes place in storybook "pages" made up of bookmaking materials and other familiar textures, including cut-paper forests, denim clouds, inflatable plastic islands and stacks of colored spools.

Yoshi's Story pioneers use of the Rumble Pak as a key element of the game-play experience, as you'll be able to feel invisible but treacherous currents when Yoshi swims through oceanic depths. Yoshi's Story features the precise and responsive control players have come to expect from a Miyamoto game. With a light touch of the Control Stick you can float on a leaf, ride a friendly dragon and tiptoe past a swarm of angry bees!




Yoshi Story was released on December 21, 1997 in Japan.

Export releases:
[US] "Yoshi's Story [Model NUS-NYSE-USA]"
[EU] "Yoshi's Story [Model NUS-NYSP-EUR]"


If you get stuck in a level, hit the L Button, Z Button, A and B simultaneously during gameplay to cause instant death.

To select Yoshi's color in Practice mode, pick the Yoshi color you want in the Trial mode and hit Start and Z at the same time. Press B to go back and head to Practice mode. You will have the Yoshi color you chose.


* Cancelled:
One of the first Game Boy Advance demos was a level from Yoshi's Story. However, it was eventually decided that the downgrades would be too significant, so it wasn't made into a full game.


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