Vampire - The Night Warriors [Green Board]

The Capcom CPS-II Cart. by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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[ARCADE] Capcom CPS-II Cart.

Vampire - The Night Warriors © 1994 Capcom Co, Limited.

A one-on-one fighting game featuring ten horror-themed characters, such as werewolves, mummies, vampires, etc. duking it out "Street Fighter" style. After defeating nine standard opponents, two end bosses must be beaten before the game is completed.


Runs on the "CP System II" hardware.
Green Board [Japan]

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 6
=> [1] LP (Jab), [2] MP (Short), [3] HP (Firece)
=> [4] LK (Strong), [5] MK (Forward), [6] HK (Roundhouse)


Vampire - The Night Warriors was released in June 1994 in Japan. It was known as the 5th CPS-II game.

The game is known outside Japan as "Darkstalkers - The Night Warriors". Here are some known export releases:
"Darkstalkers - The Night Warriors [Blue Board]"
"Darkstalkers - The Night Warriors [Grey Board]"
"Darkstalkers - The Night Warriors [Orange Board]"

Suleputer released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Vampire - The Night Warriors Arcade Game Track - SRCL-2969) on September 7, 1994.


Green Board revisions :

• Build date: 940630

• Build date: 940705


• Character Select In Attract Mode : In attract mode, when the computer is on the Character Select screen, it's possible to choose the characters with the 1p & 2p Start buttons.

• Alternate Costume Color : Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen and press Start.

• Hidden Tune : Beat the game with one credit, after inputting your name hold Down+LK+MK until the end credits appear. If done correctly, you'll be listening to the secret ending tune.


1. Vampire - The Night Warriors [Green Board] (1994, Arcade)
2. Vampire Hunter - Darkstalkers' Revenge [Green Board] (1995, Arcade)
3. Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire [Green Board] (1997, Arcade)
4. Vampire Savior 2 - The Lord of Vampire [Green Board] (1997, Arcade)
5. Vampire Hunter 2 - Darkstalkers' Revenge [Green Board] (1997, Arcade)
6. Darkstalkers 3 - Vampire Savior (1999, PlayStation)
7. Darkstalkers Chronicles - The Chaos Tower (2005, PSP)


Here is a list of ports released in Japan only.


Sony PlayStation japan (mar.22, 1996) Vampire - The Night Warriors [Model SLPS-00036]"
Sony PlayStation 2 japan (may.19, 2005) "Vampire - Darkstalkers Collection [Model SLPM-65998]"

Game's ROM.

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