Vampire Hunter - Darkstalkers' Revenge [Model T-1202G]

Sega Saturn CD published 25 years ago by Capcom

Vampire Hunter - Darkstalkers' Revenge [Model T-1202G] screenshot

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Vampire Hunter - Darkstalkers' Revenge © 1996 Capcom Company, Limited.


The Darkstalkers return and now crave the fury of a good night fight. In this head-to-head fighting challenge, creatures from your darkest nightmares battle for eternal control of the night. Treacherous, classic favorites take on 4 new challengers for total domination. Donovan, the Dark Hunter. Phobos, the Killer Machine. Lei-Lei, the Chinese Ghost. And Pyron, the ultimate Alien ruler. The battle has never been as intense, with faster speeds, more captivating moves and even more incredible graphics. Vampire Hunter; the game of your dreams, and nightmares.

Vampire Hunter features 14 chilling Night Warriors including 4 additions: 2 new characters and 2 playable bosses. 3 levels of Special Moves for each character add even more variety and challenge to the action, unleash hundreds of screen - blasting moves - charge and stock a myriad of Special Moves! Outstanding new features: Auto Guard (blocks) and Chain Combos for both novice and expert players. Incredible animation, sound and graphics.


Game ID: T-1202G


Vampire Hunter for Sega Saturn was released on February 22, 1996, this version of Vampire Hunter features an Appendix Mode. It allows players to customize the game to their liking by switching the background colors to those of either Vampire Hunter or Vampire, the opponents' costume colors to those of Vampire Hunter (ie. blue Pyron) or Vampire (ie. orange Pyron) and the BGM to that of Vampire Hunter or Vampire.


* Enter Option Mode. Move to Configuration. Press B, X, Down, A, Y to reveal Appendix. This menu features a BGM and S.E. test. There is also an animation setting. When set to FULL, all of the arcade's animation is used in same character battles (Lei-Lei Vs. Lei-Lei). BGM, stage backgrounds, and CPU-character costume colors can be switched from HUNTER to CLASSIC (based on those of Vampire) or RANDOM. If you change all of these settings to CLASSIC or RANDOM, the attract sequence of the original Vampire may play at the beginning of the game instead of the one from Vampire Hunter.

* Also in Option Mode, highlight Turbo Speed and press X, X, Right, A, Z. This allows you to select up to eight stars of turbo game speed as opposed to the normal four stars.

* Again in the Option Mode, place the cursor over Screen Size, then press A, C, X, X, Up. Whenever you pause the game, the screen won't turn dark and display the word "PAUSE" on it, but you can still press A to access the Key Configuration screen.


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