The King of Dragons [B-Board 90629B-3]

A 27-year-old Arcade Video Game by Capcom

Emulated in MAME !

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The King of Dragons © 1991 Capcom Company, Limited.

New release. For more information about the game itself, see the original Japanese release entry; "The King of Dragons [B-Board 89625B-1]".


B-Board #: 90629B-3

It contains a 4-Mbit EPROM instead of 4x1-Mbits EPROMs on the original B-Board 89625B-1.


Here is a list of features found in these new revisions:
* A weaver effect of character sprites at the beginning of characters selection screen.
* A different sound effect is used when a character gains a level-up, enters a stage or rises again.
* More difficult (more enemies).
* Enemies appearance is very different from the early 'World revision' of the game (July 1991).
* Cleric is less powerful than in the early 'World revision'. It starts with 40 Health Point instead of 48.
* The first extra live is at 200k points instead of 100k.
* Time runs faster when the 'GO cursor' is flashing.
* Count down of time starts from 30 seconds when a life is lost. This happens every time a character is killed by enemies while remaining time is less than 30 seconds.
* Fruit restores only 12 Health Point (banana 10 Health Point, big red apple 24) instead of 16 in the early 'World revision'.
* A dead Boss restores only 12 Health Point instead of 16 in the early 'World revision'.
* Magic attacks and magic crystals destroy directly enemies flying objects (so you get more experience points). These are wolves archers arrows, skeletons lances and knights archers arrows.
* Mimic Chests release a pool of acid after breaking them.
* New enemies like green lizard spearmen and dark red lizard swordsmen.
* Player doesn't gain the extra strawberry after the killing of the Orc King (the Boss of the first stage).
* The gait of the Wyvern (the Boss of the third and of the fourteenth stage) is different; it has also only triple fireball/iceball attacks.
* Back attacks of the Hydra (the Boss of the fourth stage) are more powerful.
* Additional green apple no more available on the five stage.
* Frontal punch attack of the Cyclops (the Boss of the sixth and fifteenth stage) is faster than in the early 'World revision'.
* New different background music in the last duel with evil red dragon Gildiss.
* A new Gildiss attack : an animated breath of flame after he changes the direction he's facing during the battle.
* Added a new credit sequence with Gildiss and beauty fairy.

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