Teleroboxer [Model VUE-VTBJ-JPN]

Nintendo Virtual Boy cart. published 28 years ago by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Teleroboxer [Model VUE-VTBJ-JPN] screenshot

Teleroboxer © 1995 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

In a savage display of pounding moves and lightning action, robotic boxers from around the globe step into a futuristic ring. Mirroring the movements of the humans in control, each Teleroboxer is capable of surviving defense matches unbearable to mankind.

Slug it out to the staggering end to determine the true world champion. Created with specialized Techtronic powers and unique personalities, these responsive machines show no mercy on their way to the brutal top.




Released on July 21, 1995 in Japan.

A character called Chader was planned to appear in the game.

[JP] Famitsu (August 1995): 23/40
[JP] VB Guide: 24.5/100

Export releases:
[US] "Teleroboxer [Model VUE-VTBJ-USA]"


1. Besides the standard punches, your opponents all have their own special boxing attacks. Discover how to dodge these.
2. Counter with an uppercut or hook at the same time you dodge or duck to avoid your opponent's punches. Your opponents guard will be down, leaving him wide open!
3. Memorize Harry's Machine-Gun Attack commands and use them effectively.
4. If you are caught by a Hook or Upper Cut when your strength meter is flashing, your knees will become weak for a short time and it will become difficult to guard effectively. To recover faster, repeatedly press Up on both the L & R Control Pad. Should your enemy become dizzy, remember to take advantage of the situation.
5. With experience you will become tough enough to succeed! Only a winner can become the champion!

* Fight against cat robot: To fight against the 'Legendary Champ', a secret cat boxer, complete the game with a perfect balance (0 losses).

* Perfect balance: To get a perfect balance without any loss, just turn off the Virtual Boy when you lost a fight, before the screen appears that says 'You Lost' and your loss will not be saved.


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