Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Green Board]

Capcom CPS-II cart. published 30 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Green Board] screenshot

Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers © 1993 Capcom Company, Limited.

The fourth game in the SFII series featured all new graphics, redone sounds, and above all, four characters new to the series. Here is a full list of changes from previous SFII games:

* New title screen with new music.

* Completely new portraits for all characters. M. Bison ('Vega' in Japan) now has a winged-skull on his hat instead of a star.

* New endings for the bosses. The last part of Chun Li's ending is also modified, letting the player choose whether she should now live a normal girl's life or continue being a detective.

* Vega ('Balrog' in Japan) no longer climbs the fence on his stage prior to doing his 'Flying Barcelona Attack' or 'Izuna Drop' moves. He now just jumps to the edge of the screen and jumps off, as he does in the other stages.

* Voice samples for all characters and announcer re-recorded with different actors. Each character now have their own unique voice so there is no more shared voice samples (e.g. the male 'KO' scream).

* Background music playback is handled differently. The background music will play continuously from Round 1 to Round 2 until a character causes the KO sign to flash on Round 2, which will trigger the 'Heavy Damage' version of the music. From Round 3 onward, the music is played in the same format as in previous SFII games.

* Four completely new stage backgrounds with new background music to accompany the New Challengers.

* Color schemes for the twelve original stage backgrounds have changed once again :
1) Ryu stage: The sky is now near evening, and the moon is now white with a touch of light blue.
2) E. Honda stage: The walls are now light blue, and the big picture (excluding the sun) is now red-orange.
3) Blanka stage: The vine where the snake is coiled is now light green, and people to the right have changed a bit. The river behind the village is now a clear blue.
4) Guile stage: The sky is back to daytime, the canopy on the jet is now clear, and the people in the background are now dressed in blue. The symbol on the ground is back to blue, but the missile linings are still red.
5) Ken stage: The tugboat has been replaced with a yacht, the two guys on the top now wear orange clothes and white clothes. On the bottom, the first person now wears a green shirt and has gray hair, the second person now wears white t-shirt and yellow pants, the third person now has long hair and wears white top and pink skirt, the fourth person now wears light blue shirt and orange pants, and the guy in the trenchcoat and hat is now replaced by a new person in blue shirt and navy blue pants.
6) Chun Li stage: The sky is now sunset, the two customers now wear orange, the meat store's roof is now green with its sign back to red, the guy holding the chicken now wears blue, the "Shanghai Friend Corridor" sign is now red-orange with yellow letters, the guy to the right now wears green pants, and the water sign is now blue.
7) Zangief stage: The stage floor is now green, and the area to the left is back to red. In addition, the fence on the left foreground is now lowered a bit.
8) Dhalsim stage: The curtains and stone floor are now green, and the carpet is back to red.
9) Balrog ([JP] M. Bison) stage: While the stage floor is still purple, the 'Las Vegas' on the floor is now yellow. The car to the left is now blue, and the car to the right is now green. The guy throwing the confetti at win/lose now wears yellow, the guy next to the car to the left now wears purple and the guy next to the guy throwing the confetti has been redesigned.
10) Vega ([JP] Balrog) stage: The stage floor now shows off a green hue, and the fence now comes crashing down at the start of the fight.
11) Sagat stage: Buddhist statue is still gold, and now it's sunset. In addition, a big city is now visible in the distance.
12) M. Bison ([JP] Vega) stage: The sky is now back to daytime, and the guys sitting Indian style praying (and stands up angrily after breaking a big statue) are now dark-skinned. The roof of the palace is now red with green trim, and the linings on the giant bell that were previously red are now black.

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Runs on the "CP System II" hardware.
Green Board [Japan]

Players: Up to 2.
Control: 8-way joystick per player.
Buttons: 6 per player.
= > [1] LP (Jab), [2] MP (Strong), [3] HP (Fierce)
= > [4] LK (Short), [5] MK (Forward), [6] HK (Roundhouse)


September 1993 was the first revision of the game, but most arcades didn't get the game until October 1993. It was known as the first CPS2 video game released.

Known Export releases:
"Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Blue Board]"
"Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Grey Board]"
"Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Orange Board]"

While New Challengers Cammy, Fei Long and T. Hawk were created by Japanese employees at Capcom, the Jamaican kickboxer Dee Jay is the first and only Street Fighter to have been created by an American Capcom employee (James Goddard). Dee Jay's pant leg was originally going to have 'MANTIS' written on it instead of 'MAXIMUM'. It was changed so that when the sprite was flipped over (when Dee Jay faces the opposite direction), the letters would not appear to be backwards. That is, all of the letters in 'MAXIMUM' look the same when flipped over, but the 'N' and 'S' in 'MANTIS' will be backwards when flipped.

Fei Long is Capcom's homage to Bruce Lee.

Sony Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Super Street Fighter II Arcade Game Track - SRCL-2822) on January 21, 1994.

Michael Jackson used to own this game (serial number: 21900255228). It was sold at the official Michael Jackson Auction on April 24, 2009.

A special version of this game is known as "Super Street Fighter II - The Tournament Battle".

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Green Board revisions :

* Build date: 930910

* Build date: 930911

* Build date: 931005


* Each character has eight outfit colors. Press LP to choose the original Street Fighter II color, MP for the Champion Edition color, HP for the Turbo (i.e. 'Hyper Fighting') color, any Kick button or the Start button for one of 4 new colors, or hold any button (except the Start button) for 3 seconds for the secret color.


Here is a list of ports released in Japan (where the arcade version was released as a Green Board) :

japan Nintendo Super Famicom (june.25, 1994) "Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Model SHVC-XW]"
japan Sega Mega Drive (june.25, 1994) "Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Model T-12043]"
japan FM Towns Marty(oct.28, 1994) "Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers [Model HMF-162]"
japan Sega Saturn (sept.18, 1997) "Street Fighter Collection [Model T-1223G]": Found on disc 1.
japan Sony PlayStation (oct.23, 1997) "Street Fighter Collection [Model SLPS-00800]"

japan Sharp X68000 (sept.30, 1994)

LCD handheld game (19??): released by Tiger Electronics.
LCD Barcodzz handheld game (19??): released by Tiger Electronics.


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