Super Pang [Model SHVC-SN]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 27 years ago by Capcom

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Super Pang © 1992 Capcom Company, Limited.

Super Pang is a sort of remixed version of Capcom's popular arcade game Pomping World originally released in 1989. The rules of the game are fairly simple - the player must destroy all the huge colored bouncing balls on screen within a certain time limit. To do so, he uses a sort of harpoon-rope-gun, and each time a ball receives a direct hit, it pops and splits into smaller balls (in the same way meteors used to split in Atari's classic arcade game Asteroids). Each stage comes with a set of weapons and special items to collect. The repertoire of different weapons is rather small, from powerful laser-guns to special grappling-ropes that hook and stick to the ceiling. The same applies to items - they include the clock that freezes everything for a short amount of time, the bomb which reduces all the balls on screen to tiny ones, or a force-field shield that protects the player against injury. The game also offers different play modes - the World Tour is the default mode where the player travels from country to country all around the world, starting in Japan and going through no less than forty stages. Then the Panic Mode is just an endurance exercise where the game just keeps throwing balls at the player. Curiously, a two simultaneous player-mode is not included in this Super Famicom version...


Cartridge ID: SHVC-SN


Super Pang for Super Famicom was released on August 7, 1992 in Japan for 7500 Yen.

Known export releases :
[EU] "Super Pang [Model SNSP-SN]"
[US] "Super Buster Bros. [Model SNS-SN]"

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