Street Fighter Zero 3 [Model T-1247G]

A 19-year-old Sega Saturn Game by Capcom

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Street Fighter Zero 3 © 1999 Capcom Company, Limited.

The street's most powerful fighters once again accept the challenge of body-crushing combat. Each warrior brings a fierce fighting spirit and pyrotechnic special moves to the battle arena.

Choose your player from 33 of the STREET FIGHTER saga's most dangerous and mesmerizing characters. Pit your fighting skills against the world's best!


Game ID: T-1247G


SFZ3 for Sega Saturn was released in August 6, 1999 shortly after the Sega Dreamcast version in Japan only. A 4MRAM Doukori Ban edition [Model T-1246G] showed up earlier the same day.

Makes use of Sega's 4MB RAM expansion cartridge to include all character animation and the use of three different characters for Dramatic Battle matches.

Evil Ryu, Guile, Shin Gouki, and EX Balrog are initially selectable, and the player may also unlock Final Vega (see below). There is also a Reverse Dramatic Battle course on the Dramatic Battle mode. Players face specific teams in the following order:
Dan & Blanka
E. Honda & Sodom
Guy & Cody
Birdie & M. Bison
Dhalsim & Rose
Chun-Li & Fei Long
Dee Jay & T. Hawk
Balrog & Rolento
Ken & Ryu
Karin & Sakura
Guile & Nash
R. Mika & Zangief
Gen & Gouki
Sagat & Adon
Juli & Juni
Cammy & Vega
Shin Gouki & Evil Ryu


* To face off against Shin Gouki in the Final Battle, hold both L and R buttons simultaneously after selecting your character and ISM (and Game Speed if set to Free).

* To play as Shin Gouki, highlight Gouki, hold R, and press any Punch or Kick button.

* Clear the final Japan course in World Tour mode (to access this course, you need a Level 31 character with at least two ISMs mastered). Then highlight Vega, hold R, and press any button. You become Final Vega, with the Shadaloo ISM and Final Psycho Crusher Super Combo. Final Vega isn't usable in all modes.

Game's CD.