Street Fighter Zero 2 [Model SHVC-AUZJ-JPN]

A 22-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Capcom

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Street Fighter Zero 2 © 1996 Capcom Company, Limited.

Do you have what it takes?

The bad boys of the Street Fighter series are back for more fisticuffs of fury! Eighteen different combatants, some old and some new, are here to lay claim to the title "World's Best". Screamin' moves like Ken's Dragon Punch, Adon's Jaguar Tooth and Vega's Somersault Skull Diver will blow you away! Play alone or pummel a friend in two-player simultaneous action. This ain't no cakewalk. This is Street Fighter Zero 2 and it's blazing on your Super Famicom with two-player simultaneous play!

18 fighters (Ryu, Ken, Gouki, Nash, Chun-Li, Adon, Sodom, Guy, Birdie, Rose, Vega, Sagat, Dan, Sakura, Rolento, Dhalsim, Zangief and Gen), two games modes (Arcade and Versus Mode) and 32 megs of power!




Street Fighter Zero 2 for Super Famicom was released on December 20, 1996 in Japan.

This port of Street Fighter Zero 2 makes use of the S-DD1 chip to decompress graphics on-the-fly, but the game has loading delays when entering matches when sounds are loaded onto the sound chip despite the decompression.


Highlight Chun-Li and hold Start for 5 seconds, then press any button and she changes to her Street Fighter II outfit.

When playing Versus Mode, highlight Sagat's stage on the Handicap and Stage Select screen, hold Select, and press any button. You will select the Australia stage.

Press any two Punch buttons simultaneously to select a third costume color. Press any two Kick buttons simultaneously to select a fourth costume color. Select your character with any/two Punch buttons and select AUTOMATIC Mode to select a fifth costume color. Select your character with any/two Kick buttons and select AUTOMATIC Mode to select a sixth costume color.

Get 5 Super Combo/Custom Combo finishes without using a continue to fight your rival.

To face Shin Gouki, choose your character with any Punch color (any Kick color for Player 2), then reach your boss without losing a round and earning at least 3 Perfect victories. Shin Gouki will challenge you before you face your final boss.

When you KO your opponent, hold Select and any attack button and you can select a winning pose. Note that characters have a minimum of three, so not all buttons may give you a unique pose.


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