Street Fighter IV

The Arcade PCB by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Street Fighter IV © 2008 Capcom Company, Limited.

Chronologically set between the Street Fighter II series and the Street Fighter III series, the game features 19 fighters: Abel, Akuma, Balrog, Blanka, Chun Li, C. Viper, Dhalsim, El Fuerte, E. Honda, Gouken, Guile, Ken, M. Bison, Rufus, Ryu, Sagat, Seth, Vega and Zangief.

Akuma is a hidden playable character, as well as a secret opponent. Gouken and Seth are present but not selectable by the player: Gouken is a secret opponent, Seth is the game's standard final boss.


Runs on the "Taito Type X²" hardware.


Street Fighter IV was released in Japan on July 18, 2008.


Microsoft XBOX 360 korea (feb.12, 2009)
- Also Platinum Hits version (nov.12, 2009)
Microsoft XBOX 360 [AS] (feb.12, 2009)
japan Microsoft XBOX 360 (feb.12, 2009) "Street Fighter IV [Model Q4C-00005]"
Sony PlayStation 3 japan (feb.12, 2009) "Street Fighter IV [Model BLJM-60130]"
Sony PlayStation 3 korea (feb.12, 2009)
- Also BigHit Series version (nov.2, 2009)
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (feb.17, 2009)
- Also Collectors Edition, as well as a Platinum Hits edition (oct.2009) and a Games on Demand edition (feb.9, 2010)
Sony PlayStation 3 usa (feb.17, 2009) "Street Fighter IV [Model BLUS-30265]"
- Also Collector's Edition [Model BLUS-20260], as well as a Greatest Hits edition (oct.2009) [Model BLUS-30265GH]
australia Microsoft XBOX 360 (feb.19, 2009)
Sony PlayStation 3 australia (feb.19, 2009)
europe Microsoft XBOX 360 (feb.20, 2009)
- Also Collectors Edition, as well as a Games on Demand edition (feb.9, 2010)
Sony PlayStation 3 europe (feb.20, 2009) "Street Fighter IV [Model BLES-00481]"
- Also Collector's Edition, as well as Platinum Edition (feb.19, 2010)

PC [MS Windows, DVD] usa (jul.1, 2009)
- Also Fight Pad Pack version (jul.7, 2009)
PC [MS Windows, DVD] australia (jul.2, 2009)
PC [MS Windows, DVD] japan (jul.2, 2009) "Street Fighter IV [Model CPCS-01050]"
PC [MS Windows, DVD] korea (jul.2, 2009)
PC [MS Windows, DVD] europe (jul.3, 2009)
PC [Steam] usa (jul.7, 2009) "Street Fighter IV [Model 21660]"

* Other :
Apple iPod [Online] usa europe japan (mar.10, 2010) [usa Model 354655665]

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