Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Blue Board]

Export Capcom CPS-II cart. published 26 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 © 1998 Capcom.

North American & European release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, see the original Japanese release entry; "Street Fighter Zero 3 [Green Board]".

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Runs on the "CP System II" hardware.
Blue Board [USA & Europe]


Bam Margera of MTV's 'Jackass' and 'Viva La Bam' has owned this game before in his house. In the episode of 'Viva La Bam' called "Uncivil War", one of the arcade cabinets in Bam's laundry room running "Street Fighter Alpha 3" can be briefly shown for a second.

In all Export releases :
- Gouki is named Akuma.
- M. Bison is named Balrog.
- Nash is named Charlie.
- Vega is named M. Bison.
- Shin Vega is named Final Bison.
- Balrog is named Vega.

In Europe and the Western Hemisphere :
- The Z-ISM is called A-ISM (representing Alpha).

In the original Japanese version, specific locations were given for each stage (in Japanese) along with the name of the country (in English). Only the country name is given in all Export versions, with the more specific info being removed instead of being translated. Here is the list:
Adon: Khmer Historic Ruins, Thailand
Akuma ('Gouki' in Japan): Oni Fang Cave, Japan
Balrog ('M. Bison' in Japan), M. Bison ('Vega' in Japan), Juni & Juli: Secret Point 48106 (since there was no country given for 'Secret Point 48106', its name is left completely blank in the Export versions)
Birdie: Train Cemetery, England
Blanka: Madeira River branch - swampland, Brazil
Cammy: Mikonos Island, Greece
Charlie ('Nash' in Japan): Frankfort Hangar, U.S.A.
Chun-Li: Zhidan Plaza, China
Cody: Metro City - City Police Detention Center, U.S.A.
Dan: Hinode Park (translated from Japanese as 'Sunrise Park'), Japan
Dhalsim: In front of Jaunpur Monument, India
E. Honda: Higashikomagata - Katomi kontou, Japan
Gen: Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong
Guy: Under 22nd Street overhead, U.S.A.
Karin, Sakura: Flower Shoutengai (translated from Japanese as Flower Shopping Street), Japan (NOTE: In Sakura's version, the sky is daylight; in Karin's version, night has fallen.)
Ken: Hotel Masters, U.S.A.
R. Mika: Sardine Beach Special Ring, Japan
Rolento: New York Camouflaged Subway, U.S.A.
Rose: Palazzo Mistero (Translated from Italian as Palace of Mystery), Italy
Ryu: Genbugahara (translated from Japanese as 'Genbu Plain'), Japan
Sagat: Nagpa Resting Shakyamuni the Buddha Statue, Thailand
Sodom: Manhattan Building 49 F, U.S.A.
Vega ('Balrog' in Japan): Requena Spiral Tower, Spain
Zangief: Akademu Gorodowa blast furnace, U.S.S.R.


Blue Board revisions :

* Build date: 980629
* US release

* Build date: 980904
* US and EUROPE releases


NOTE: These are only ports released in North America, Europe, and Australia. For further details, please see the "Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper" entry.

usa Sony PlayStation (apr.30, 1999) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Model SLUS-00821]"
europe Sony PlayStation (2000) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Model SLES-01863]"
usa Sony PlayStation (2000) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Greatest Hits] [Model SLUS-00821GH]"
usa Sega Dreamcast (may.31, 2000) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Model T-1203N]"
europe Sega Dreamcast (sept.29, 2000) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Model T-7005D-50]"
australia Sony PlayStation 2 (2006) "Street Fighter Alpha Anthology"
usa Sony PS2 (june.13, 2006) "Street Fighter Alpha Anthology [Model SLUS-21317]"
europe Sony PS2 (jul.7, 2006) "Street Fighter Alpha Anthology [Model SLES-54085]"

europe Nintendo GBA (nov.29, 2002) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Model AGB-AZUP-EUR]"
usa Nintendo GBA (dec.1, 2002) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 [Model AGB-AZUE-USA]"
australia Sony PSP (2006) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX" by THQ
usa Sony PSP (feb.7, 2006) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX [Model ULUS-10062]"
europe Sony PSP (mar.10, 2006) "Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX [Model ULES-00235]"


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