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StarFox 64 © 1997 Nintendo.

Now you can see, hear and feel the power of the Nintendo 64.

This masterpiece from Shigeru Miyamoto will launch you into a futuristic world of space combat like you've never experienced before. Combine great real-time 3-D game play with the innovative Rumble Pak accessory (available separately), and you'll be immersed in the interplanetary struggles of the Star Fox Team.

Graphically, StarFox 64 takes full advantage of the power of the Nintendo 64 to produce realistic, 3-D environments full of alien adversaries. Skim over the surface of an alien sea, weave through the concrete canyons of a futuristic metropolis, or dodge planetoids the size of mountains. Between missions, you'll be treated to real-time 3-D movies that progress the story of the Star Fox Team of space mercenaries in their struggle against the evil ape emperor, Andross. The seamless transitions from action to story give Star Fox 64 a truly unique, cinematic feel.

Equipped with the Rumble Pak, the Nintendo 64 Controller becomes a new implement for fun. Not only does the Rumble Pak provide force-feedback in response to the game action, the Controller's analog Control Stick gives you total, precise control of your vehicle, be it a sleek "Arwing" starfighter, an armored "Landmaster" tank, or the deep-diving "Blue-Marine" submersible.

The game's fifteen missions link together in a number of possible paths to your final objective: a show-down on Venom, the home planet of the interplanetary tyrant, Andross. Throughout your adventure, you'll have to accomplish challenging objectives in order to reach and conquer every mission. There are two different mission modes in the game; 3-D scroll and all-range. A 3-D scroll mission thrusts you forward into the conflict, and requires intense, split-second reactions. Multiple paths are possible through these scrolling missions, depending on the choices you make. All-range mode missions enable you to maneuver in full 360-degrees, and to put your Arwing through radical combat maneuvers like loop-the-loops and high energy turns.

StarFox 64's sound effects and music add to the cinematic feel of the game. Over 700 voice samples allow for almost constant radio chatter between Fox McCloud and his wingmen. Enemy characters will also get in on the act, taunting you as you oppose them.

In addition to the adventure of the Main Game, Star Fox 64 includes a Training mode to help new pilots learn the ropes, and VS. mode that lets you take on one to three friends in a free-for-all multi-player battle royale. Star Fox 64 is the ultimate video game space combat adventure, and it's only available on Nintendo 64.




Released on April 27, 1997 in Japan.
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