Star Parodia [Model HCD2024]

A 26-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Hudson Soft.

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Star ????? © 1992 Hudson Soft.

(Star Parodia)

Star Parodia is a cute vertical shooter by Hudson Soft. As the name sorts of implies, Star Parodia parodies memorable and seminal game icons created by the Japanese company, namely Star Soldier, Bomberman and the PC-Engine system itself. Planet Paroson is at stake and the Mother Brain's army must be stopped ! Earth decides to deploy three of its best star fighters - Paro-Caesar (Caesar is the ship from the Star Soldier series), a large robotic and flying Bomberman, and a white ship in the shape of the original PC Engine system. Each fighter comes equipped with its own set of weapons and abilities, from lasers and Vulcan guns for the Paro-Caesar, bombs and explosives for Bomberman, to utterly unconventional Hucards, CDRoms and controller pads for the PC Engine ship. Each fighter features three main weapon systems (Red, blue and yellow) that can be switched by collecting different power-ups, and accumulating them increase their strength and range of destruction. Finally, and in the Star Soldier tradition, secondary weapons are also available for the picking, such as multiples, shields and missiles. Star Parodia features eight long and humorous stages, midpoint mini-bosses, and two score-attack modes.


Game ID: HCD2024


[FR] June 1992 - Joypad N.9: 93/100

Star Parodia was planned for release in North America under the name Fantasy Star Soldier. It however never made it commercially and the release was eventually canceled. Interestingly, a working prototype was later found and leaked to the public.
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