Spitball Sparky [Model BU-201]

Handheld game published 36 years ago by Nintendo

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Spitball Sparky © 1984 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Spitball Sparky works similarly to Breakout, where a ball moves across the screen and is propelled by the player, blowing it upwards as long it is directly above the player in the purple space. If all blocks are eliminated fast enough, a bonus bar at the top would add 5 points per segment, the most being 20 points. Along the top row are red blocks, which require two hits to destroy. If the player eliminates all but the red blocks, and then hits each red block once to make them flash, it awards more bonus points.


Model BU-201


Released on February 7, 1984 in Japan.

It was one of the more expensive games of 1984 and is one of only two Super Color games.


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