Speed Race CL-5

Arcade Video game published 42 years ago by Taito

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Speed Race CL-5 © 1980 Taito.

The sixth entry in the 'Speed Race' series. This one adds some new elements in gameplay. The player has to watch out for water slicks on the track - and the car now has headlights, which will turn on when it is about to enter a tunnel. The track will also split into two paths, when the player's car is passing over a bridge; the player will have to choose which path to take quickly, otherwise he/she shall crash and be sent back to the start. This title also introduces 'emergency' cars, which have flashing lights on their roofs - however, they must be avoided like any other CPU-controlled car.

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Released in December 1979 in Japan.

It was also released as 'Speed Race GP-5' in an almost identical cabinet.


1. Speed Race (1974)
2. Speed Race Deluxe (1975)
3. Speed Race Twin (1976)
4. Super Speed Race (1977)
5. Super Speed Race V (1978)
6. Speed Race CL-5 (1980)
7. Super Speed Race GP V (1980)
8. Super Speed Race Jr. (1985)


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