Spartan X [Model HVC-SX]

The Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Famicom Cart.

Spartan X © 1985 Nintendo.

Nintendo Famicom's port. For more history about the game itself, please refer to the original Japanese arcade video game entry; "Spartan X".


Model HVC-SX


Spartan X for Famicom was released on June 21, 1985 in Japan at a retail price of 4900 Yen.

Outside of Japan, the arcade version of the game is known as "Kung-Fu Master"; this port, as simply "Kung Fu".

Known export releases:
"Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-USA]"
"Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-EEC]"
"Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-ESP]"
"Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-GBR]"
"Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-NOE]"
"Kung Fu [Model NES-SX-UKV]"


NOTE: These tricks only work on the NES/Famicom port of the game and do not work on the arcade version.

• Fight Sylvia: each time you beat the game it will restart from the beginning. Beat the game 50 times in a row and you can fight Sylvia, the girl you usually rescue.

• Bonus points: use a jump kick on the twelfth enemy on each level for 5,000 points (WARNING: This trick will not work if the twelfth opponent is a Knife Thrower or a Tom Tom).


Music by: Koji Kondo

Game's ROM.

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