Soldier Blade [Model HC92056]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 32 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Soldier Blade © 1992 Hudson Soft.

Soldier Blade is a vertical-scrolling shooter and is the forth game in the Star Soldier series (and the third and last episode released for the PC Engine system). In the 21st century, humanity decides to initiate a space colonization program designed to save the Earth from depletion of its natural resources. However, not long after the beginning of the operation, the human fleet encounters the Zeograd alien army which is now on a mission to conquer our world. The elite Soldier Blade star fighter is created by the SIA (Special Interception Airforce) to counter the threat, and the player embarks on a perilous mission through seven stages (called 'Operations') to defeat the Zeograd empire. The ship comes equipped with a standard Vulcan Gun (red) and two other weapons are available for the picking - the laser-beam (blue) and the laser-wave (green). When a power-up is collected, a flying and invulnerable robot-pod also joins the Soldier Blade and shoots at everything in sight. Another unique feature of the weapon system is the ability to store up to three power-ups. At anytime during the game, the active weapon can be sacrificed and its power unleashed with devastative effects, cleaning up most of the enemies on the screen (releasing a bomb automatically activates the second available weapon). Soldier Blade, in the Star Soldier tradition, also features a two and five minutes time attack mode.


HuCARD ID: HC92056
HuCARD Size: 4 Mbits.


Soldier Blade for the PC-Engine was released on July 10, 1992 in Japan for 6500 Yen; a "Special Version" was released later that same year.

Soldier Blade was part of the 8th Caravan Competition organized by Hudson Soft in 1992. See the Special edition entry for more information; "Soldier Blade Special - Caravan Stage".

Export releases :
[US] Soldier Blade [Model TGX040082]

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Direction: Charley Nakata
Game Design: Ukiuki Uribo
System Programing: Hikaru Aoyama
Enemy Programing: Charley Nakata
Production Programing: Hikaru Aoyama
Art Direction: Ukiuki Uribo
Mechanical Art: Tatsuya Doe
Graphic Design: Ukiuki Uribo, Tatsuya Doe, Yukinori Kouzen, Rururira Hidebo, Atsushi Kakutani, Kuboq
Music Composing: Keita Hoshi, Makiko Tanifuji
Sound Effect: Keita Hoshi
Sound System Programing: Lu. Iwabuchi
Super Voice: Nimai C. Malle
Special Thanks: Futofuto Satoh, Hector Oyama, Manga, Masaaki Inoue, Masanori Wake, Mccol Iwata, Satoshi Mikami, Tetsuya Wakabayashi, Toshiya Abe, Team Young Power
Planning: Shigeki Fujiwara
Supervision: Tatsujin Kawada


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (jan.30, 2007) [Model PALJ]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] japan (sept.14, 2014) [Model PNTJ]

The game was also released on the Sony PlaySation Network as a PC-Engine Classic on feb.17, 2010. PSN release ID: NPJJ-30022


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com