Sky Hawk

Gun game published by Nintendo

Impossible to emulate.

Sky Hawk © 197? Nintendo.

A project style gun game similar to Nintendo's "Wild Gunman" and "Shooting Trainer". Fighter planes come in for the attack. They are fired at by the player using a ship-mounted automatic gun. Furious battle action is realistically reproduced by large-screen 16mm projection simulator. When a dive-attacking fighter plane is hit it blows up in mid-air with a loud explosive sound and falls into the sea.

Features :
16mm realistic combat movie projector simulator.
Realistic recoil firing action.
Illumination panel shows moving pattern when game is not in play.
Free game if player scores 8 or over.

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Height : 1800 mm.
Width : 1230 mm.
Depth : 2200 mm.
Weight : 140 Kg.


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