Rockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! [Model CAP-6V]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 31 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Rockman 6 史上最大の戦い!! © 1993 Capcom Company, Limited.
(Rockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!!)

Sixth installment in the original Rockman series. The story opens during a competitive robot fighting tournament with entrants from all around the globe. A villainous figure known as Mr. X announces he has reprogrammed the eight powerful contestants with intent to use them for taking over the world. The game's robotic protagonist Mega Man, who was sent to oversee the tournament, springs into action to foil X's plot. A standard action-platformer, Rockman 6 plays nearly identically to its five predecessors with a few added features such as stages with alternate pathways and new Rush adaptors.

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Cartridge ID: CAP-6V


Rockman 6 was presented at the Famicom Spaceworld' 93 in August 1993 in Japan. It was then released on December 05, 1993 in Japan. This is the last game in the Rockman series that has been released on the 8-Bit system.

It was developed at the same time as the franchise's first spin-off, Rockman X for Nintendo's newer console, the Super Famicom.

Series artist Keiji Inafune stated that having a video game franchise with six titles is very rare, and one of the advantages to this is that players expect certain aspects of each game to be repeated in the next. After having implemented so many different mechanics to the gameplay of past entries, Inafune thought that Rush adaptor assembly was inevitable. The artist struggled with the adaptor designs and ultimately found them to be unrealistic. According to Inafune, "If you think about it, they shouldn't be able to combine like this. It would be awkward if parts of Rush like his neck were left over after they combined, so what was I supposed to do?".

The Robot Masters featured in some of the previous Mega Man games were the result of design contests held in Japan, in which fans of the series would submit their character ideas to Capcom. Keeping with the tradition, Japan held a design contest for Rockman 6. After the release of Mega Man 5, the magazine Nintendo Power held a similar contest in North America. Only eight out of the more than 200,000 worldwide character submissions for Rockman 6 were accepted for the game. It was the first game in the series to receive character design input from fans outside Japan. Six of the Robot Masters were designed by Japanese fans, while the remaining two (Knight Man and Wind Man) were designed by North American fans who entered the Nintendo Power contest. The North American cover of the game pays homage to the two designers by featuring their Robot Masters on it. Inafune admitted that it was stressful when the last characters being designed for the game were not meeting with the development team's schedule. He concluded, "For having hit a lot of roadblocks, I feel like we got a lot done for 6. The theme for our designs was 'The world is our stage,' and I really enjoyed bringing what I felt was the unique flavor of different countries into the game."


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