Red Arremer II [Model CAP-1L]

A 26-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Capcom

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Red Arremer II © 1992 Capcom Company, Limited.

Red Arremer II is an action/adventure game by Capcom, and sequel of Red Arremer Makaimura Gaiden originally released for the Game Boy in 1990. The game follows the story of Firebrand, a young demon from the Ghoul Realm, who studies to become a powerful warrior. One day, while training in his hometown of Etruria, a black light suddenly appears and wrecks havoc on everyone. The king is deadly wounded and Firebrand embarks on a long journey to solve the mystery of the enigmatic light, and find out who is behind the attack. In essence, Red Arremer II is an adventure game with mild RPG elements, punctuated by side-scrolling action phases. The adventure phase is displayed through a traditional overhead perspective, and Firebrand can walk around, talk to other monsters, visit houses, purchase items, save his in-game progress (through a password system) or travel between towns. The side-scrolling action phases are periodically activated throughout the game, mainly when Firebrand enters a cave or a dungeon, crosses a bridge or when he encounters rare enemies on the world map. There, he can use his magic powers to defeat all kind of foes - he starts with traditional Fireballs, but more abilities can be collected along the way, such as the powerful arc attack, the platform beam (creates temporary platforms), the Blockbuster (destroys blocks), the claws (to walk over spikes) and so forth. Another of his incredible abilities is to jump and stick to walls, and these techniques are at the core of the gameplay - Firebrand has also the ability to hover in the air for a short amount of time (until his wing level runs out) in order to reach platforms that are otherwise unattainable, or to avoid deadly hazards. Finally, numerous items are scattered throughout the game, such as health, extra lives and Vials (used as currency).


Game ID: CAP-1L


Planner: Ryo
Object Designer: Takepong, Katu-M, Wild Cats, Mura
Scroll Designer: Yuki, Rinda, K.Togo, Joe.Y
Programmer: Cuty Euyama
Sound Compose: Sato

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;