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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! [Model HVC-PT]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 37 years ago by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! [Model HVC-PT] screenshot

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! © 1987 Nintendo.

You control Little Mac in working his way up the professional boxing circuits, facing a series of colorful, fictional boxers, leading to a final fight with the worst man on the planet, 'Iron' Mike Tyson.

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Cartridge ID: HVC-PT


Mike Tyson's Punch-Out was released on November 21, 1987 in Japan.

Mario appears in the game as the referee.

It's the first game to use Nintendo's MMC2. It's the first mapper to support hardware trickery to bypass the 256-tiles BG limitation.

Export releases:
[US] "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! [Model NES-PT-USA]"
[EU] "Punch-Out!!"


* Password :
005 737 5423 (Major Circuit)
777 807 3454 (World Circuit)
940 861 8538 (Super Macho Man)
267 913 7638 (Super Macho Man + 23KOs)
032 730 8442 (Piston Honda)
007 373 5963 (Mike Tyson)
800 422 2602 (Busy Phone-line Tone - This password is Nintendo's old customer service number)

* Another World Circuit : At the beginning enter this password : 135 792 468. When you get to the last number, press A+B+Select at the same time.

* View The Credits : Set the password numbers to 106 113 0120, then press Select+A+B simultaneously to register the password.


1. Punch-Out!! (1984)
2. Super Punch-Out!! (1984)
3. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (1987, Nintendo NES)
4. Super Punch-Out!! (1994, Nintendo SNES)
5. Punch-Out!! (2009, Nintendo Wii)


Producer : Minoru Arakawa
Supervisor : NOA (Nintendo of America)
Director : Genyo Takeda
Game designers : Kazuo Yoneyama, Mayumi Hirota
Character designer : Makoto Wada
Music composers : V. Kaneoka, A. Nakatuka, Koji Yamamoto
Electrical engineers : S. Funakoshi, M. Taya
Programmer : Masato Hatakeyama
Secretary : V. Kuriyama


japan Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console (2007 for the 20 years of the game)


Game's ROM.