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Micro Machines V3 [Model SLES-00016]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd., The

Listed in MAME

Micro Machines V3 © 1997 The Codemasters Soft. Co., Ltd.


Game ID: SLES-00016


Released in March 1997 in Europe.

This game is the result of a 2-year long in-house development program from Codemasters.

Export releases:
[US] "Micro Machines V3 [Model SLUS-00559]"
[JP] "Micro Machines [Model SLPS-01111]"

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Lead Programmer: Andrew Graham
Special Effects and Tools: Mark Coombes
Frontend and CD Mastering: Andrew Tate
Additional Programming: Lee Metcalfe

Graphic Artists
Lead Artist: Toby Eglesfield
Vehicle Modelling: Raymond Livings
Character Modelling: Derek Windsor
Character Animation for Virtuosity Ltd.: Quentin Plant, Edward Plant, Andrew Tucker, Peter Bell
Motion Capture Actors: Karen Fox-Williams, Adrian Hedley
Frontend Graphics: Alex Cave, Troy Palmer
Environment Graphics: Toby Eglesfield, Alex Cave, Peter Byard, Adam Norbury, Rachel Wood, Paul Gataaura, Derek Windsor, Mark Nesam, Peter Ranson

Music and Sound Effects
Music: Tim Bartlett
Sounds: Tim Bartlett

Voice Talent
Spider, Dwayne, Jethro, Chen, Walter: Alan Coltman (credited as Big Al)
Jade, Cherry: Rachel Preece
Bonnie: Elizabeth Uter
Mademoiselle Cherry: Framboise Gommendy
Frau Cherry: Alletta Lawson
Signorita Cherry: Bibiana Goday, Jessica Juffre

Track Editing
Track Designer: Graham Rigby
Track Editors: Graham Rigby, Steven Powell, Patrick O'Luanaigh, Chris Southall, Iain Russell, Mo Toubella, William Darling

Game Testers
Q.A. Manager: Spencer Cummins
Lead Testers: Will Hurn, Giles Hurn
Testers: Benjamin Hostler, Andy Blunt, Simon Hucker, Cooty Lloyd, Adrian Pye, Paul Botton, Rachel Franklin, Kaval Ghatora, Daniel Atkins, Lucy Billings, Guy Rippon, Melanie Facer, Sophie Docker, Ricky Davies, Kirsty Howden, Steven Powell

Game Production
Production: Steve Holley
Packaging and Design: Liz Darling, David Alcock