Mario's Tennis [Model VUE-VMTJ-JPN]

Nintendo Virtual Boy cart. published 29 years ago by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Mario's Tennis [Model VUE-VMTJ-JPN] screenshot

Mario's Tennis © 1995 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Smashing tennis action with incredible depth on a realistic 3-D court! Experience the ultimate Virtual Boy sports game in either singles or doubles mode.

Characters in the game:

He is an average player whose court speed and leg strength are solid. His
racquet contact area is average, and he relies on his skillful groundstrokes,
though he will approach the net occasionally.

His skill level and court strategy are similar to Mario's. He has better court
coverage, though, due to being faster than Mario.

The princess is slow, but her racquet contact area is large. She doesn't like
to approach the net, preferring to instead rally from the baseline.

He is the fastest of all the players, but his racquet contact area is small. He
plays an aggressive type of game by rushing the net at every opportunity.

Toad is quite quick on the court, but his racquet contact area is not very
large. Like Yoshi, he tries to approach the net often. Though he is strong, he
has great court coverage because he can lunge at tough shots.

Being a turtle, basically, his court speed suffers. He has a large racquet
contact area, though. He likes to rally from the baseline, and he also can
lunge at tough shots like Toad.

He is slower than all the other players, and also has a smaller racquet contact
area. He is, however, understandably the most powerful of all the players. His
strong groundstrokes allow him to win many points from the baseline.




Mario's Tennis was released on July 21, 1995 in Japan.

Birdo (Kyasarin) was originally planned to be in the game.

[JP] Famitsu (August 1995): 26/40
[JP] VB Guide 2: 74.5%

Export releases:
[US] "Mario's Tennis [Model VUE-VMTJ-USA]"


* Techniques to improve your play:
1. Service: When serving, check your opponent's location on court. Use this to select the placement and depth of your serve. For the easiest serve, use the B Button without the L + Control Pad.
2. Return of serve: Watch where the opponent stands during service, and try to effectively place a solid return of serve. If an opponent rushes the net just after serving, make sure that you use your lob.
3. Groundstrokes, volleys, and smashes: Timing is very important on these shots. If you press the L + Control Pad too early, your player character will move and you may miss the shot.

* HARD mode: To access a harder mode, press L, L, R, L, R, Select on the title screen. You'll hear a PING sound if you did it correctly.


Executive Producer: Hiroshi Yamauchi
Producer: Gunpei Yokoi
Director: Masao Yamamoto, Hitoshi Yamagami
Program Director: Yasu Shimokawa
Main Program: Toshifumi Hiroo, Takanubo Nakashima, Takeshi Nagareda, Mitsunari Tani
Graphic Design: Ryuji Kuwaki
Sound Composition: Hitoshi Fukushima, Morihito Iwamoto
Product Debug & Testing Unit: Super Mario Club

Special Thanks: Toru Osawa, Hirokazu Tanaka, Takehiro Izushi


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