Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2 [Model FMC-LNK]

The Nintendo Famicom Disk. by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Famicom Disk.

リンクの冒険 The Legend of Zelda 2 © 1987 Nintendo Company, Limited.

(Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2)

Young Link, the brave lad who bested the evil Ganon and saved the Princess in The Legend of Zelda has come of age. Now taller and stronger, this proud young man must face a new challenge--and an old enemy. Link's arch enemy has returned and cast a sleeping spell on Princess Zelda!

As Link, you set out in search of six palaces to find six gems. Return the gems to their rightful places--the foreheads of the stone statues. This helps you to break Ganon's evil spell. It's not an easy task--even for a seasoned fighter like Link. The game has both a vertical and horizontal perspective. The Overworld is much wider and the Underworld full of more mazes, secret places and mystery. Magic power, Life Strength and Money help you. You must travel through desert, forest, swampland and dark tunnels. You will encounter a great number of enemies--all different. Look for useful hidden items in dark caves. Ask for help from friendly townspeople. Ultimately you must face Ganon's wrath.


Cartridge ID: FMC-LNK


Released on January 14, 1987 in Japan.

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