Landing Gear

Arcade Video Game published 24 years ago by Taito

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Landing Gear © 1995 Taito.

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Taito JC System Type-C Hardware

Main CPU : 68040 @ 25Mhz
DSP : TMS320C51 @ 50 Mhz
MCU (protection) : MC68HC11
Sound CPU : 68EC000 @ 16MHz
Sound chip : Ensoniq ES5505 @ 16MHz
Sound chip DSPs : Ensoniq ES5510 (ESPR6) + Ensoniq OTISR2
Taito Chips : E07-11, TC0870HVP, TC0770CMU, TC0840GLU, TC0810
Board Layout : Main board + rom board
Hardware Features : Textured Polygons


Released in February 1996 in Japan (Even if titlescreen says MCMXCV TAITO CORPORATION JAPAN(TAITO CORPORATION 1995)).

In Stage 1 (Expert), the BGM is a remake made from "Midnight Landing".


* When you're not been crashed in ground, you will be able to go across any

* If you choose another stage, you are able to get perpect score (50 points) at take-off stage.

* When speed (km) decline until specification speed, may appear 'wing stal'. This means you can't control your airplan. So, your airplan will fall on the ground.

* Walkthough
1) beginner, small airplan : no wind, very easy stage.
2) beginner, small jet airplan : 4km wind.
3) beginner, amphibious plane : 8km wind, difficulty stage.
4) beginner, middle jet airplan : 10km kind, rainy.
5) expert, middle jet airplan : same at beginer 4th stage.
6) expert, big jet airplan : you should conering at near airport.
7) expert, fighter : you should landing to carrier.
8) expert, space shultle, 15km wind, be careful very high additued and wind.


1. Midnight Landing (1987)
2. Top Landing (1988)
3. Landing Gear (1995)
4. Landing High Japan (1998)
5. Jet De GO! (2000, Sega Dreamcast)
6. Jet De GO! (2002, Sony PlayStation 2)
7. Jet De GO! Pocket (2005, Sony PSP)

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