Kwik Snax [Model 2368]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. published 28 years ago by Codemasters Soft., The

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Kwik Snax © 1990 Codemasters Software Co., Ltd., The

The Dizzy Mob returned from their gruelling tour of Yolk Land, and planned on going on a well deserved holiday, but where?

Each band member wanted to go somewhere different which lead to quite a heated arguement. This loud banter went on for about an hour.

This annoyed Dizzy very much but unknown to them it annoyed someone else a lot more. Zaks the Wizard was trying to have a quiet nap.

Zaks went mad and in a fit of rage cast a nasty spell which sent the Dizzy Mob into the land of personality, thus...............

Poor Denzil thought he was cool. He ended up in the Land of Ice.

Dylan spent most of his time with his head in the clouds. He ended up in the Land of Clouds.

Grand Dizzy was quite old and a bit senile, so....he ended up in Cuckoo Land, what a shame.

Daisy was sweet and the Wizard knew Dizzy would try to rescue her. He sent her to his Dungeon.

Poor Dizzy was quite upset and vowed to get them all back at any cost.

The challenge begins.......


Game ID: 2368

Game's cassette.