Jolly Jogger

Arcade Video Game published 36 years ago by Taito

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Jolly Jogger © 1982 Taito Corp.

It's a nice day to go jogging, and you feel like covering the whole city. So what could go wrong? Oh yeah, three bullies out to beat you up. Thankfully some blocks have things that scare them and allow you to knock them out.


Main CPU : Zilog Z80 (@ 3.579545 Mhz)
Sound Chips : General Instrument AY8910 (@ 3.579545 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : 4-way Joystick


Jolly Jogger was released in September 1982 in Japan.


Running over each segment : 1 point
Surrounding a boxed-in area : 10 ponts
Surrounding a power box : 100 points
Bashing enemies : 300, 500, 700 points
Rack Finishing Bonus : time remaining on fuse

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