Jigoku Meguri [Model TP02013]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 34 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Jigoku Meguri [Model TP02013] screenshot

地獄めぐり © 1990 Taito Corp.
(Jigoku Meguri)

Jikogu Meguri is a platform/action game by Taito and is the conversion of an arcade game released by the same company in 1988. The player takes control of a small and completely bald Buddhist monk, the high priest bonze Kackremboh, who is on a perilous journey through the depths of Hell. Emma, the king of the underworld, has gone crazy and our hero's mission is to stop him and his minions. The monk can use his magical powers and shoot bouncing marbles which curiously look like large traditional Buddhist prayer beads. They start rather small but power-ups get them to grow larger and larger, and they eventually become as big as our hero monk. They also come in different colors, each of which represents a specific power - red for fire, purple for lightening etc... These powers can be unleashed by the bonze if he crouches when firing, but this technique dramatically lowers his overall attack power. Other special items are scattered throughout the game and can help the monk in his quest - such as invincibility mirrors and extra lives.


Game ID: TP02013


Jigoku Meguri for PC-Engine was released on August 3, 1990 in Japan for 6600 Yen.

Jikogu Meguri was first released in the arcades by Taito in 1988. The PC Engine conversion is fairly close to the original arcade game, only a handful of enemies were omitted.


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (dec.16, 2008)


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com