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Jackie Chan [Model HC90032]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 33 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Jackie Chan [Model HC90032] screenshot

Jackie Chan © 1991 Hudson Soft.

Jackie Chan is a side scrolling platform/action game by Hudson Soft and features the martial arts legend Jackie Chan (hence the name). The game tells the story of Jackie, a kung fu expert, and his girlfriend Josephine. One day, an evil sorcerer comes to China in an attempt to rule the country - he knows that he is no match for the two fighters, and he decides to kidnap Josephine in an effort to weaken Jackie. As expected, he hurries to her rescue, and thus begins an incredible adventure in which Jackie will fight legions of foes and eventually teach the evil sorcerer a very valuable lesson. Naturally, Jackie can punch, kick or jump - but he can also use four different special moves. They come in limited quantities and range from Tornado Attacks, Sky Attacks to devastating Spin Kicks. However, these attacks (as well as special items) must be collected along the way by kicking or punching item frogs, which also release energy bowls (extra life), bonus bells (access bonus stages) or psycho waves. The latter is another of Jackie's secret weapon - he can charge up (by holding the second action button) and release a limited amount of fireballs to inflict significant damages to surrounding enemies. Finally, enemies leave behind purple orbs that can be collected for extra lives. Jackie Chan consists of five large areas made up of several sub-stages each.


Game ID: HC90032


Released on January 18, 1991 in Japan for 6500 Yen.

This is the 36th title produced by Hudson Soft for the PC-Engine.

Jackie Chan was originally released for the Famicom system in 1990. Both PC Engine and Famicom versions have a lot of differences though - the stage layout is substantially different, some enemies look different and the PC Engine game features a couple of exclusive mini bosses. The purple orb system is also slightly different - because defeated enemies from the Famicom version don't drop as many orbs as the PC Engine port, then the player needs to collect a lot more of them (100 instead of 30) in order to gain an extra life. Finally, the PC Engine version is a lot more difficult overall.

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Game Design: Dionysus.Hal
Program Design: Papa.Tomohide
Character Design: Hiropon.Ozaki
Sound Design: Sinkon.Kiyoshi
Visual Design: Oni.TaiJi
Produce: Ura.Desu


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;