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Giga Wing 2

Sega NAOMI cart. published 20 years ago by Capcom

Giga Wing 2 screenshot

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Giga Wing 2 © 2000 Capcom Company, Limited.

An excellent sequel to 'Giga Wing' featuring 3 types of reflects and amazing 3-D graphics.

The rebellion's savage forces have returned in an all-out campaign for universal domination. Only you can defeat them! Pick your aircraft and prepare for hi-tech dogfights, relentless enemy fire, fantastic power-ups and devastating weapons like the Reflect Laser and Reflect Force. Use the Score Multiplier to rack up astronomical high scores.
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Runs on the Sega "NAOMI" hardware.


Giga Wing 2 was released in January 2000 by Capcom.

Suleputer released a 2-CD limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Mars Matrix, Giga Wing 2 Original Soundtrack - CPCA-1050, 1051) on 11/01/2001.


1. Giga Wing [CP-S II No. 30] (1999)
2. Giga Wing 2 (2000)
3. Giga Wing Generations (2005)


Developed by Takumi.

Planner: Makoto Maeda, Project Gigawing2
Programmer: Yoshitaka Kobayashi, Naoaki Hashimoto, Yuichirou Satou, Kazuo Ikeda, Ryo Hasegawa
Graphic / Game Part: Kenichi Morioka, Yoriko Itou, Seiji Satou, Fumihiro Watabe, Masanori Oose, Ken Taketoshi, Tadahiro Mukaide, Tatsuhiro Suzuki, Yuji Ootou, Kazumi Yogi, Akemi Ootaka, Asami Deguchi, Hiroki Akiyama
Graphic Labo Danburi: Isamu Kondou
Graphic / Character: Digital Animation Studio D-VOLT
Graphic / Special Thanks: Polygon Magic
Sound Composer: Yasushi Kaminishi
Director: Makoto Maeda
Character Designer: Kei Toume
Producer: Yukikazu Ozaki
Executive Producer: Tomoaki Fujimoto
Producer: Tatsuya Minami
Support: Capcom, R&D Dept. #3, Tomoshi Sadamoto
Special Thanks To All Capcom Staff & All Takumi Staff


Sega Dreamcast [JP] (jan.18, 2001) [Model T-1239M]
[US] Sega Dreamcast (may.16, 2001) [Model T-1222N]

Game's ROM.
Game's screenshots.
See goodies section.
Official website: http://www.takumi-net.co.jp/products_arcade/shooting_giga2/ac_giga2.htm
Official website: http://www.capcom.co.jp/newproducts/arcade/gigawing2/index.html