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Garou Densetsu Special [Model HCD4067]

NEC PC-Engine Arcade CD published 30 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Garou Densetsu Special [Model HCD4067] screenshot

Garou Densetsu Special © 1994 Hudson Soft.

The Mid-90s saw the explosion of fighting games and ultra popular titles such as Capcom's all time classic Street Fighter and SNK's popular Art of Fighting. Fatal Fury is one of those titles and was available for the ultimate console back then - the slick Neo-Geo. But yet, Hudson Soft converted a few of those SNK titles for the PC Engine and Arcade card system. Garou Densetsu Special offers some of the same features than its big brother, including the two fighting levels where the player can freely fight in the foreground or the background of the scene, adding a palpable amount of strategy to the game. Garou Densetsu Special offers an impressive list of fifteen fighters to choose from : Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Jubei Yamada, Big bear, Cheng Sinzan, Axel Hawk, Billy Kane, Laurence Blood, Tung Fu Rue, Duck King, Geese Howard, Wolfgang Krause, Ryo Sakazaki (from Art Of Fighting) Mai Shiranui and Kim Kap Hwan.

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Game ID: HCD4067


Garou Densetsu Special for PC-Engine was released in December 02, 1994 in Japan for 6900 Yen.

The last page of the game's documentation shows a special series of Japanese phone cards edited by Hudson Soft to commemorate the release of Garou Densetsu Special. The series counts fifteen cards - each one of them featuring a fighter from the game (serial numbers G-1 to G-15).

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