Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [Green Board]

A 22-year-old Capcom CPS-II Cart. by Capcom

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Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara © 1996 Capcom Company, Limited.

Based on the famous RPG system Dungeons & Dragons. Six characters straight out of the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Manual take up arms in order to rid the kingdom of the evil sorceress Synn and her droves of annoying little Kobolds.


Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [Green Board] the Capcom CPS-II Cart.
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Runs on the "CP System II" hardware.
Green Board [Japan]

Players: Up to 4.
Control: 8-way joystick per player.
Buttons: 4 per player.


Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara was released in February 1996 in Japan. It was known as the 14th CPS-II game.

Known Export releases:
"Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [Blue Board]"
"Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [Grey Board]"
"Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [Orange Board]"
"Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara [Pink Board]"

The game forbids the initials 'SEX' on the name selection screen. If you try, it gets changed to (depending of the character you choose) :
Fighter: 'CRASSUS'
Cleric: 'GRELDON'
Elf: 'LUCIA'
Magic user: 'SYOUS'

Victor Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara - VICL-2169) on May 22, 1996.


Green Board revisions:

* Build date: 960206

* Build date: 960223

* Build date: 960619
* Name Bug corrected (see 'Tips And Tricks' section for more info).


* Bug : very beneficial trick in some cases but leads to lockups. Choose a character with a 6-character name (Blue Dwarf and possibly 2 others). Press the name button and then erase it and start pressing buttons to put your own letters in. The timer to enter your name will reset as long as you are pressing buttons to enter letters. What happens is that you can continue to enter more letters than the code expects and you begin to over-write the area of memory that contains character information and inventory. Depending on what letters you enter and how many you enter you can continue the game at the beginning of the next stage and already be hasted, invulnerable, invisible, possessing powerful weapons, etc... The character info on screen is all garbled. Once you make it to the first shop you can drag apparently empty inventory items into the trash for large sums of silver. The game will lock up quite frequently though - especially when you pick up items that hold specific places in memory. Try using about 110 ''M''s for a name. This glitch was removed with the later revision.


[JP] Sega Saturn (mar.4, 1999, "Dungeons & Dragons Collection") [Model T-1224G]
[JP] Sega Saturn (mar.4, 1999, "Dungeons & Dragons Collection [4MRAM Doukori Ban]") [Model T-1245G]

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