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Dish Carrier [Model YB-1037]

NEC PC-8001mkII cass. published 41 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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ディッシュキャリア © 1983 Hudson Soft.
(Dish Carrier)

Old women drop large plates, small plates, apples, pears, spoons, hammers, shovels, bowls, and spanners from the windows of buildings. You must take from it a large plate, a small plate, a pear and an apple. If you hit anything else you die. After receiving the plate, please give it to the older brothers at both ends. You won't be able to receive fruit unless you have a large plate. You can also place a large plate on the floor and pick up the fruit as it falls. If you step on the plate placed on the table, your score will be deducted. To stage up, you must take 10 small plates.

Goodies for Dish Carrier [Model YB-1037]
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GAME ID: YB-1037

4: left, 6: right.
Space key: game start.

Plate 10 points.
give to brother 50 points.
step on plate -50 points.
Pear 300 points.
Apple 200 points.
Large plate 100 points.

See Goodies section.