Dezeni Land [Model YB-5003]

NEC PC-8001mkII cass. published 41 years ago by Hudson Soft.

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Dezeni Land © 1983 Hudson Soft.

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GAME ID: YB-5003

It uses 3 Cassette tapes with them being labeled ADV1, ADV 2-3, and ADV 4-5


Dezeni Land is a Parody of Tokyo Disney Land, The Parody Attractions based on real life:
International Bazaar is a Parody of The World Bazaar.
Pirates of the Seto Inland Sea is a Parody of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Jungle Close is a Parody of Jungle Cruise.
Hola Mansion is a Parody of Haunted Mansion.
Space River is a Parody of Space Mountain.
Umekan is a Parody of Meet the World.