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Densha De Go! EX

Arcade Video game published 27 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Densha De Go! EX screenshot

Densha De Go! EX © 1997 Taito.

A train simulator where the player assumes the role of an engineer who must take passengers to the station within a certain time limit.


Taito JC System Type-C Hardware

Main CPU : 68040 @ 25Mhz
DSP : TMS320C51 @ 50 Mhz
MCU (protection) : MC68HC11
Sound CPU : 68EC000 @ 16MHz
Sound chip : Ensoniq ES5505 @ 16MHz
Sound chip DSPs : Ensoniq ES5510 (ESPR6) + Ensoniq OTISR2
Taito Chips : E07-11, TC0870HVP, TC0770CMU, TC0840GLU, TC0810
Board Layout : Main board + rom board
Hardware Features : Textured Polygons


Coverage: Sagano Line, which was skipped in "Densha De Go!", is now fully playable.

Released in April 1997 in Japan.

The title translates from Japanese as 'Go by Train! EX'.


Sega Saturn (1998)


Game's ROM.
Game's screenshots.