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Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk

Taito F3 cart. published 30 years ago by Taito Corp.

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Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk screenshot

Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk © 1994 Taito Corporation.

In this game, the third in the Darius series, the player flies an ornate fighter craft called the Silver Hawk. The craft is equipped with two weapons: Missile (forward-firing standard gun) and Bomb (drops from the bottom of the ship). The Silver Hawk is also equipped with the 'Arm' (armor), a green energy shield that can absorb enemy attacks without harm to the ship. Some enemies leave panels behind that can be collected to power-up your shots, missiles or shield.

The graphics and sound are superior to those of the previous Darius games, and the game employs a lot of impressive visual effects; for example, the Silver Hawk warps into a stage dramatically in the fourth-tier stages, and begins to burn on re-entry at the start of the sixth-tier stages.

The bosses are huge and far more complex than those of the previous games, each employing several attack patterns and explode with powerful warping and twisting effects upon their defeat.


Runs on the "Taito F3 System" Hardware.

Prom Stickers: D87

Screen Orientation: Horizontal

Players: 2
Control: 8-Way Joystick
Buttons: 2
=> Missile, Bomb


Darius Gaiden was released on September 19, 1994.

The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Darius Side Story - Silver Hawk'.

The game forbids the initials 'SEX' on the high score table. If you try, it gets changed to 'AAA'.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Darius Gaiden - PCCB-00166) on November 18, 1994.


The US version has the "Recycle It, Don't Trash It!" screen.


* Items list:
- Red Shield: Appears when a red enemy is destroyed. Your shots are powered up by one level.
- Green Shield: Appears when a green enemy is destroyed. When three have been obtained, your surface bombs are powered up by one level.
- Blue Shield: Appears when a blue enemy is destroyed. When five have been obtained, your barrier is upgraded by one level.
- Violet Shield: This is hidden in the landscape and appears when it is hit by a bomb. Your Black Hole bomb supply is increased by one.
- Silver Shield: This is hidden in the landscape and appears when it is hit by a bomb. Awards a bonus score.
- Gold Shield: This is hidden in the landscape and appears when it is hit by a bomb. It will destroy all enemies on the screen.
- Extend Medallion: This is hidden in the landscape and appears when it is hit by a bomb. It will award you one extra life.

* Shoot the control ball to detach it from the mid-level boss. Then collect the ball to use the mid-level boss as a weapon.


1. Darius (1987, Arcade)
2. Darius II (1989, Arcade)
3. Darius Twin [Model SHVC-DT] (1991, Super Famicom)
4. Darius Force [Model SHVC-DH] (1993, Super Famicom)
5. Darius Gaiden - Silver Hawk (1994, Arcade)
6. G-Darius (1997, Arcade)
7. G-Darius ver.2 (1997, Arcade)
8. Darius Burst (2009, Sony PSP)
9. Darius Burst - Another Chronicle (2010, Arcade)
10. Darius Burst - Another Chronicle EX (2011, Arcade)


japan Sega Saturn (dec.15, 1995) "Darius Gaiden [Model T-1102G]"
europe Sega Saturn (1996) "Darius Gaiden [Model T-8123H-50]"
usa Sega Saturn (1996) "Darius Gaiden [Model T-8123H]"
japan Sony PlayStation (dec.13, 1996) "Darius Gaiden [Model SLPS-00574]"
japan Sony PS2 (jul.28, 2005) "Taito Memories Joukan [Model SLPM-66057]"
Sony PlayStation 2 australia (mar.30, 2006) "Taito Legends 2 [Model SLES-53852]"
europe Microsoft XBOX (mar.31, 2006) "Taito Legends 2"
europe Sony PS2 (mar.31, 2006) "Taito Legends 2 [Model SLES-53852]"
usa Sony PS2 (may.16, 2007) "Taito Legends 2 [Model SLUS-21349]"

usa PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (1998)
europe PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (mar.31, 2006) "Taito Legends 2"
usa PC [MS Windows, CD-ROM] (jul.10, 2007) "Taito Legends 2"


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