Chuka Taisen [Model DTF-CW]

A 29-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Taito

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中華大仙 © 1989 Taito Corporation.

(Chuka Taisen)

Chuka Taisen is a side scrolling shooter by Disco, conversion of Taito's arcade game originally released in 1988. The game takes place in ancient China and features a young red-haired character on a floating cloud. The boy is on a journey throughout the world to become the greatest wizard and the game's theme is unmistakably inspired by the classical Chinese novel Monkey King (known in China as Xi You Ji or Journey to the West). Our hero starts his journey with piddly and weak energy-balls (probably coming from his inner Ki energy). He will however find various upgrades and other weapons along the way to fight back the increasingly stronger foes and reinforcements coming his way. Some enemies release red jars when destroyed - these can upgrade his primary weapon or make him fly faster. Mid round bosses give access to special shops where secondary weapons can be equipped - they are free for the picking but only one can be used at the same time. These include Dragon Fire, three way fireballs, Bombs and so forth. Ch?ka Taisen features six long stages to play in total.


Cartridge ID: DTF-CW


Chuka Taisen for Famicom was released on September 22, 1989 in Japan.

This game is the 27th title published by Taito on the Famicom.

The game was never released outside Japan.


Planning: Kujira Man, Kobuhei Japan
Program: Funky George, Soul Duke
Graphic: Nekoto Jr
Sound: Planet2, Soul Duke
Produced By: Ojyamamushi

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;