Chef [Model FP-24]

A 37-year-old Electronic Game (Handheld) by Nintendo

Not emulated yet.


Chef © 1981 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

The player controls a chef who flips various pieces of food, including sausage and fish, into the air with a pan. Failure to keep the food airborne causes a mouse to steal the food off the floor and the player to use up one 'miss'. The game ends with the player's third miss. A cat often pokes the left piece of food, which holds it in place for a small amount of time and makes it harder for the player to guess when the piece will be flippable. The game speeds up as it progresses. In Game A, the player must flip three items of food. In Game B, the player must flip four food items.


Chef [Model FP-24] the Electronic Game (Handheld)
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Model FP-24


Released on September 8, 1981 in Japan.

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