Chase H.Q. 2

Arcade Video game published 15 years ago by Taito

Chase H.Q. 2 screenshot

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Chase H.Q. 2 © 2007 Taito Corporation.

An upgraded version of the original classic 80's arcade racing game "Chase H.Q.". Like previous installments, the gameplay of Chase H.Q. 2 involves the player assuming the role of a police officer, with the sole purpose of chasing down criminals and stopping them in their tracks. Chase H.Q. 2 will also include several new features, such as the ability to pick up nitrous which gives you an extra advantage, and the inclusion of a lifelike Nancy character who offers guidance in English to help the player catch the bad guys.


Runs on the "Taito Type X²" Hardware.

Screen Orientation: Horizontal


Chase H.Q. 2 was shown at the 2007 AOU show in Japan. It was released on December 19, 2007.

The side art contains a symbol of the Chase Headquarters logo which contains an invader from Taito's 1978 classic: Space Invaders.


1. Chase H.Q. (1988)
2. S.C.I. - Special Criminal Investigation (1989)
3. Super Chase - Criminal Termination (1993)
4. Ray Tracers (1997, Sony PlayStation)
5. Chase H.Q. 2 (2007)


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