Captain Commando [Model SHVC-QM]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 29 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Captain Commando [Model SHVC-QM] screenshot

Captain Commando © 1995 Capcom Company, Limited.

The Commando Team is on the run! A corrupt mutant group headed by GENOCIDE plots to control the universe, and now the battle has come to Earth. CAPTAIN COMMANDO has assembled a team of 3 motley renegades to stop the crimewave and bring GENOCIDE to his knees. It won't be easy as many common Earth institutions became infested with GENOCIDE'S minions, but strength and persistence runs the Commando Team into the crusade.

Whip the enemy with the eerie Jennety, or try Hoover, a robotic missile launcher built and controlled by a genius infant. Sho wields his sharp sword while CAPTAIN COMMANDO directs the attack with his energy glove of electricity and fire. Rid the Earth of GENOCIDE'S forces in 9 hostile stages and perform different special moves with each of 4 characters to choose from.

The universe is in trouble so attack now, ask questions later!

1 or 2 player game.

SFC port of the arcade video game; "Captain Commando [CP-S No. 17]".


Carridge ID: SHVC-QM


Captain Commando for Super Famicom was released on March 17, 1995 in Japan.

Players can select the same character in this version of the game without the use of any codes.

Sho is unable to cut enemies in half with his sword in this version, while Jennety doesn't melt his enemies with his knives.

Blood effects were also deleted.

An enemy scorched by fire would be seen disappearing without a trace if finished off, but in the Super Famicom version, they are seen on the ground as they are defeated.

Enemies such as Wooky are no longer seen smoking.

Robotic walkers (mechs) have been removed.

An enemy named Dick who held firearms was removed from the game.

Enemies Carol and Brenda wear less revealing attire in the Super Famicom version.

Mardia throws bombs instead of spitting poison.

The Monster's transformation scene was deleted.

The ending sequence from the arcade version was removed. Only the scene seen after the credits remain (but there isn't a list of credits).

Famicom Tsushin scored the game 21 out of 40 on release.


Special running attack
Press and hold the D-pad twice in the same direction to run. Jump and attack while running to do a special attack that does more damage without using energy.


Game's ROM.