Cannon Fodder [Model CGB-BCFE-USA]

Nintendo Game Boy Color Game published 18 years ago by Codemasters Soft., The

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Cannon Fodder © 2000 Codemasters Software.

Is war really supposed to be this much fun?

Coming at you courtesy of Codemasters, Cannon Fodder mixes casualties and comedy in an innovate game that delivers solid play control and challenging action.

After watching a shockingly sweet opening animation sequence - one of the best we've ever seen on Game Boy Color - it's immediately obvious that despite its light-hearted approach, this game is no joke.

Viewing the well rendered battlefields from an overhead perspective, Cannon Fodder has the look of a real-time strategy game. This Pak is all about action, though, so don't expect to have to farm cotton to keep your troops equipped with fresh underwear. You control two soldiers simultaneously, guiding them around the screen by moving a cross-hair cursor. Press the A Button to make your troops move, and press the B Button to make them fire at an enemy.

This control system may sound unusual, but it works extremely well and gives Cannon Fodder a unique feel. On top of regular machine gun fire, your soldiers can also toss grenades and fire rocket launchers. Occasionally, you can direct your troops to enter a tank and start wreaking serious havoc on enemy troops.

What's the best aspect of Cannon Fodder? The screams. The yells. The ear-piercing cries of agony. Each time a soldier falls, you're treated to awesome digital audio voice samples of obnoxious screams. Obviously, someone at Codemasters had a good time in a sound booth somewhere. Other voice samples from excited soldiers add a welcomed bit of humor to the military missions.

When not exploring dense jungles or arctic tundra, you can chill at the base and pay your respects to your fallen comrades at the War Memorial. After reflecting on the bravery of your buddies, you can also check out which soldiers have recorded the most kills on the Top Five Heroes list.

After a grueling tour of duty, we'd have to say that Cannon Fodder lives up to its claim that "War has never been so much fun." Some of the stages may be a bit too tough for novice gamers, but it's T (Teen) rating should ensure that only seasoned vets enlist for this war.




Released on December 01, 2000 in USA.

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