Breath of Fire III [Model SLPS-00990]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Breath of Fire III © 1997 Capcom Co., Ltd.

The dragon legend continues...!

Ancient legend tells of a powerful Dragon Clan, a clan that mysteriously vanished, having sacrificed themselves to destroy the Goddess of Darkness and bring peace to their land. The legend of the clan spans only up to the point at which they were powerful enough to destroy the whole world. No subsequent record of their existence can be found...

The remains of this clan, these 'Dragon People' appear in the form of chrysmore - a tremendously beneficial form of energy which is mined for its raw power.

Centuries after the original legend is supposed to take place, a group of miners discover a dragon youth down an abandoned chrysmore mine. Their minds are filled with wonder and curiosity. What is this new treasure? Where did he come from and how did he survive inside this mine?

Ryu, the Dragon Boy, becomes an outcast and starts to get into trouble. He befriends two renegades, Rei and Teepo, and all three live a life of thievery, living life on a knife edge, but rarely getting caught.

Until one day a mysterious villager leads them right into the hands of the authorities. The boys are dealt with swiftly and separated. At this time Ryu begins to examine his life and feels a burning desire to learn the history of his ancestors...

As the last survivor of his race, Ryu matures to become a mighty warrior in search of his past and his destiny, but what he uncovers is a revisiting of the evil of which the legends tell.


Game ID: SLPS-00990


Released on September 11, 1997 in Japan.

[JP] "Breath of Fire III [Model SLPM-86720]"

Export releases:
[US] "Breath of Fire III [Model SLUS-00422]"
[EU] "Breath of Fire III [Model SLES-01304]"


Director : Makoto Ikehara
Main Programmer : Tatsuya Kitabayashi
Main Graphics Designer: Toru Yamashita
Main BG Graphics: Eriko Bando
Character Design: Tatsuya Yoshikawa
System Planner : Yukio Ando, Yugo Togawa
Assistant Director : Junko Nonda
System Program : Yoshiharu Nakao, Tatsuya Kitabayashi
Sound Program : Atsushi Manobe
Shop & Menu Program : Moyoko
Battle Planner: Yukio Ando
Battle Program : Tatsuya Kitabayashi
Magic Effects : Tadashi Sanzen, Tatsuya Kitabayashi, Hisanori Otsuki
Map Planner: Yugo Togawa, Makoto Ikehara, Ichiro Tanaka
Field Program : Hisanori Otsuki
Model Program : Toshimitsu Aoki
Scenario & Event Planner: Makoto Ikehara
Event Program: Toshimitsu Aoki, Atsushi Manobe
Event Effect : Moyoko, Hisanori Otsuki
Extra Games Planner : Yukio Ando
Fishing Planner : Yugo Togawa
Extra Games Program : Yoshiharu Nakao
Player Graphics: Toru Yamashita, Tatsuya Yoshikawa, Hirokazu Hikita, Yasuyo Kondo, Masaya Suzuki, Mieko Kuwayama
Event Character Graphics : Akira Hirai, Rika Yamada
Monster Graphics: Tetsuya Enomoto, Makoto Fukui, Hidetoshi Kai, Hiroshi Terada, Keiji Ueda
Map & Model Creator : Ayatomo Tanimoto (Scroll Spirit)
Map Texture Design: Eriko Bando, Ayatomo Tanimoto (Scroll Spirit), Yuko Nakadai, Yukiko Noritake, Naomi Goto, Yoshimi Murata, Takanori Arai, Mitsuru Kuwahata
World Map Design : Takanori Arai
Package & Manuals: Masako Honma, Junko Nonda, Mizuho, Jiwa
Title Design : Satoshi Ukai
Music Composition : Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki
Sound Design : Nariyuki Nobuyama
Ending Theme: Pure Again
All Instruments & Words : Akari Kaida
Background Vocals : Yoshino Aoki, Akari Kaida
Additional Guitar: Keiichi Takahashi
Voices: Tomoko Takai, Kappei Yamaguchi, Kyoko Hikami, Yoko Matsui, Syuusuke Sada, Kaori Saito, Ai Kamimura, Yukihiro Fujimoto, Toshimitsu Aoki
Localization Staff - Bowne Global Solutions: J. Patrick Riley, Ron Foster, Martin Herlihy, Brian Watson, Kiyomi Itakura, David Lowy
Technical Support : Akira Kazaoka, Jun Matsumoto, Keisuke Okamoto, Hiroyasu Ando, Takashi Hashimoto
Publicity: Yokohama Carp, Yoshihiro Sudou, Devy-Chu
Sales : Kunio Funahara, Kouhei Kubota, Tatsuro Nakamura
Marketing: Shinichi Sato, Toshiaki Matsuda, Kobaboo, Terimotipei, Kuwanyan
Cooperate : Character Land, Ezaki Production, Gekidan 21Seiki Fox
Bug Checker: Hiroyasu Ando, Tatsuji Yataka, Masakazu Mochizuki, Masayuki Harada
Helper: K. Iwao, S. Murata, M. Suzuki, C. Kajihara, T. Fujikawa
Breath Of Fire Series Director: Yoshinori Kawano
General Producer : Noritaka Funamizu
Executive Producer : Yoshiki Okamoto
Producer: Yoshinori Takenaka (Bamboo), Petcha


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