Bionic Commando [Model NES-CM-EEC]

The Nintendo NES Cart. by Capcom Co., Ltd.

Emulated in MAME !


[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

Bionic Commando © 1988 Capcom Company, Limited.

European release.


Cartridge ID: NES-CM-EEC


Bionic Commando for NES was released in December 1988 in Europe.

In Japan, the game was titled "Hitler no Fukkatsu - Top Secret" which translates to 'The Resurrection of Hitler - Top Secret'. The western release was drastically altered to not feature any mention of Nazism with the enemy changed to the 'Badds'. The leader of the enemy's name was changed from Weizmann to Killt and the final boss who was Hitler revived was named Master-D, however his appearance still remains the same.

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