Bikkuriman World - Gekitou Sei Senshi [Model HFC-V3]

The Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Hudson Soft.

Bikkuriman World - Gekitou Sei Senshi [Model HFC-V3] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo Famicom Cart.

ビックリマンワールド 激闘聖戦士 © 1990 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

(Bikkuriman World - Gekitou Sei Senshi)

Based on the Bikkuriman anime series, the game follows a young hero named Yamato Ouji as he attempts to re-unite his world which has since been split in two after a great war between angels and demons. Gameplay is standard for the era, featuring random encounters, villages, boss battles, a world map and dungeons. Combat is also viewed from a first-person perspective and allows for multiple characters to be in the player's party.


Game ID: HFC-V3


Bikkuriman World was released on July 27, 1990 in Japan.

The subtitle of thie game translates from Japanese as 'The Fierce Warrior'.

Game's ROM.

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