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Baseball [Model HVC-BA]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 41 years ago by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Baseball [Model HVC-BA] screenshot

ベースボール © 1983 Nintendo.

A baseball game. Players pick from a list of teams. The game-play can be very frustrating because infielders may not pick up a ball at their feet since they are waiting for another player to come over and pick it up.

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BARCODE: T4902370832167


Base Ball was released on December 07, 1983 in Japan.

Export release:
Released in North America as "Base Ball [Model NES-BA-USA]". It has different speed unit (mile per hour), top and bottom halves of innings are written in English, teams' letters are different (A, C, D, P, R and Y) and was published by Nintendo of America with 1984 copyright year.


* The computer (AI) is very tough to defeat, but if you practice it and play for a while, you'll be able to beat them.

* Try not to run around the bases too often. The controls are really bad actually and sometimes respond too late, resulting in an Out for you. When you reach the base, stay there.

* The 4th batter is usually your strongest hitter.

* Hit right/left while the ball is in the air to curve the ball accordingly. You can even curve the ball right AND left in one throw.

* All the teams possess the same abilities, so it doesn't matter which team you choose either in 1- or 2-player games.


Executive Producer: Hiroshi Yamauchi
Producer: Masayuki Uemura
Director: Kenji Miki
Design: Tadashi Sugiyama
Sound: Yukio Kaneoka


japan Famicom Disk System (1986) "Baseball [Model FMC-BAS]"
japan Nintendo GameCube (2001) "Animal Crossing" as an unlockable Bonus game.
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2002) e-Reader Series
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] (2007)

japan Arcade "Vs. Baseball" (1984)


Game's ROM.