Astro Zone

Arcade Video game published 39 years ago by Taito

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Astro Zone © 1980 Taito.

Shoot the aliens as they emerge on the screen.


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Released in May 1980 in Japan.


Frame 1 Spiraling Monsters: 20-80 pts.
Frame 2 Humanoid Monsters: 10-80 pts.
Frame 3 Stationary Monsters: 10 pts.
Frame 4 Spiraling Monsters: 80 pts.
Frame 5 Winged Monsters: 30 pts.
Frame 6 Splitting Monsters: 20-60 pts.

Hitting flying saucer in Frame 3 determines the point value of the rest of the Monsters of that flame.


* In Frame 3, if you hit the first 10 monsters in succession, a flying saucer appears. Shoot the saucer. Whatever number appears when you hit it will be the point value of the rest of the monsters in the frame.

* In Frame 4, be sure you shoot the first monster that appears. An accurate shot will allow you to proceed to Frame 5 & 6. If you miss the first monster but hit the second you can only proceed to Frame 5.

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