Arkanoid Returns

Taito F3 cart. published 24 years ago by Taito

Arkanoid Returns screenshot

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Arkanoid Returns © 1997 Taito Corp.

The 3rd chapter in Taito's legendary 1 or 2-player bat and ball game, in which players once again control a paddle and must try to rebound a ball into patterns of bricks to remove them from the play area.

Each level is patrolled by enemies and certain bricks, when hit, release power-ups which then roll down the screen and can be collected by the player.

While the 3rd chapter contains 50 brand new levels for players to fight through, the actual gameplay itself remains unaltered from the first 2 games. The only real differences are a revamp of both the graphics and sound, as well as a number of minor enhancements to the in-game power-ups.


Runs on the "Taito F3 System" Hardware.

Prom Stickers : E36

Players : 4
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 4


Arkanoid Returns was released in March 1997.

Zachary Hample holds the official record for this game with 1589770 points on June 5, 2000.


1. Arkanoid (1986, Arcade)
2. Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH (1987, Arcade)
3. Arkanoid - Doh It Again [Model SHVC-A6] (1997, Super Famicom)
4. Arkanoid Returns (1997, Arcade)
5. Arkanoid DS (2007, Nintendo DS)


Planners : Atsushi Taniguchi, Yuji Koga
Programmed by : I.T.L.
Program support : Shunsuke Ono
Character designers : Chiho Maeda, Mari Fukusaki, Tomohiro Kagawa
Sound : Yasuhisa Watanabe (YACK), Ishikawa Babio (BABI)
Designer : Kumi Mizobe


[JP] Sony PlayStation (aug.7, 1997) [Model SLPS-00948]
[JP] Sony PlayStation (jul.1, 1999; "Arkanoid R 2000 [Model SLPS-86262 (TCPS10006)])"


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